Understanding Fascia

24-25 Oct, 2020

with Svetlana Negashova

Saturday 24 Oct 16h-19h

Sunday 25 Oct 9h-11h


Member 140 chf / Non Member 150 chf 

Wholeycow Studio

+41 77 463 06 47 

Fascia as our biggest sensory and emotional organ.


In the first workshop of the new educational Autumn series, we will have a closer look, based on the latest research, at what fascia, or connective tissue, is and why understanding and taking care of it matters for your healthy happy body.

The workshop is both theoretical and practical, suitable for all levels of physical abilities and everyone who wants to deepen their knowledge of their own body. We will refresh our knowledge of the myofascial lines in the body, exploring a physical yoga practice based on these lines. We will then look at how fascial net functions as our richest sensory organ, the organ of our kinaesthetic sense - the sixth sense.

We will see how posture affects our mood quickly and directly, and will discover new insights on proprioception (external awareness of our bodymind in spacetime) and interoception (internal awareness of our feelings and state of mind).

Inner Sanctum Retreat 

29 Oct – 1 Nov 2020

with Tapashi Devchoudhury 


     Single room: 830chf 

     Twin-shared room: 695chf 

     Triple shared room : 605chf 


Classes /  3 Nights /2 meals per day


410 chf


Classes / 2 meals per day

For further information

Please contact wholeycow studio

+41 77 463 06 47 

This retreat intends to take you on an inner journey - bringing you deeper in connection to yourself through conscious movement. Tapashi guides you into meditative movements that tap into the subtle energy channels of the body and help release stored trauma from the fabric of the body. During the retreat we shall work on three energy centres of the body, releasing energy blockages, trauma and emotional patterns. Powerful vedic mantra chanting, yogic breathwork and various meditative techniques introduced during this finely curated practice go into exploring one's innate ability to heal from deep within. 

Delicious vegetarian Indian meals included during the retreat. 

Accommodation in the cosy Hotel Ski in Verbier.


Cette retraite a pour but de vous emmener dans un voyage intérieur - en vous amenant plus profondément en connexion avec vous-même par un mouvement conscient. Tapashi vous guide dans des mouvements méditatifs qui puisent dans les canaux énergétiques subtils du corps et aident à libérer les traumatismes stockés dans le tissu du corps. Pendant la retraite, nous travaillerons sur trois centres énergétiques du corps, en libérant les blocages énergétiques, les traumatismes et les schémas émotionnels. De puissants chants de mantra védique, des exercices de respiration yogique et diverses techniques de méditation introduites au cours de cette pratique finement élaborée permettent d'explorer la capacité innée d'une personne à guérir de l'intérieur. 

De délicieux repas indiens végétariens sont inclus pendant la retraite. 

Hébergement dans le confortable hôtel Ski à Verbier.

Ski Biomechanics 

2 – 6 Nov 2020

with Tom Waddington 

his week we focus on full body integrated movement, specifically for ski fitness, giving you exercises to take away and new insights for sport specific training, including:

* sensory awareness development * breathing, mobility and strength and how they all connect * an in-depth look at our joints and how we use them for different skiing moves * personal body limitation analysis * ski specific strength development exercises with progressions * advice and help planning a tailored program for your own goals and level * dynamic explosive moves done the right way * building cardiovascular fitness the right way

Monday to Friday

9h-10h15 daily


Wholeycow Studio

+41 77 463 06 47